Saturday, 22 October 2011

♥ Aishiteru ♥

Menunggu sesuatu yang sangat menyebalkan bagiku
saat ku harus bersabar dan trus bersabar
menantikan kehadiran dirimu
entah sampai kapan aku harus menunggu
sesuatu yang sangat sulit tuk kujalani
hidup dalam kesendirian sepi tanpamu
kadang kuberpikir cari penggantimu
saat kau jauh disana

Gelisah sesaat saja tiada kabarmu kucuriga
entah penantianku takkan sia-sia
dan berikan satu jawaban pasti
entah sampai kapan aku harus bertahan
saat kau jauh disana rasa cemburu
merasuk kedalam pikiranku melayang
tak tentu arah tentang dirimu
apakah sama yang kau rasakan

Walau raga kita terpisah jauh
namun hati kita selalu dekat
bila kau rindu pejamkan matamu
dan rasakan a a a aku
kekuatan cinta kita takkan pernah rapuh
terhapus ruang dan waktu

percayakan kesetiaan ini
akan tulus a a ai aishiteru

It's 5 a.m and I'm awake.
My heart,it's missing you.. :')

Saturday, 8 October 2011

⇨Story of a Lady from UTM

Hai everyone!

Whoa~It's been a month since I didn't update anything in my blog, you guys miss me ? Muahaha.

Well,as you all know I'm furthering my 1st degree at UTM Skudai,Johor Bahru.In programme Computer Science (Database System). Will graduate with first class degree in coming 4 years,amin :)

I stay at Kolej Tun Razak.One of the inner ring college.You know what makes the difference between inner ring and outer ring college ? Inner ring college mean you will able to walk to go to your faculty.The busses also provided as my college bus,there were 3 of them.But for outer ring,they are quite so far from the faculty.Also,there is sometimes one bus per hour.So,never have a chance to malas-malas and woke up late coz once you're late,you have to walk for hundred miles or wait for the next bus to come.This is based on my friend experience who stay at KDSE.One of the outer ring college.

Okay,at college,there is 2 students per room.And my roomate was Christian too,was KMLians too and was the girl who going to same church with me at Labuan too.What a small world! She's very kind-hearted person.And gila-gila too.Haha.Her name is Velantina Aspah.A girl from Sandakan.And she is 20 cause she is in Program Dua Tahun at KML.

We called ourself as roomate yang sengal.Haha
So that's her.She's taking Mathematics programmme under Faculty Science.It's kinda weird when all my classmates mostly their roomate are taking the same programme with them but me,it's different.I bet they(pihak pengurusan) organising us due to religion first.She's in UTM Choir team like me too.

Now,let me introduce you all to my HUHA friends.

Farah/Fafa/Shindong with me-Hello Kitty girl :P
This is Farah Suriani.I called her,Farah.Sometimes Fafa and sometimes Shindong.I dunnoe how come there is a Shindong for her nickname.Haha.I know her during the week of orientation.And become my HUHA friend after that eventho we're not in the same faculty and same course.Her room was beside my room actually.She's a very cheerful girl and that's why I love being friend with her.Always laugh eventho that thing is not funny enough,though.Haha.Oh,ya. She is from Terengganu and ex-KMP.And she's taking Math Industry under the same faculty with my roomate,Vel.

Hello kitty girl and mashi maro ;)

This cute friend of mine name Siti Noorain.I called her Ain and sometimes Mashi Maro.Why mashi maro? There's a picture of us together. Which I do looks like Hello Kitty and she looks like mashi maro.Haha.So the nickname was stick with us then.She is in the same faculty with me,taking Bioinformatics programme.But there's some of our class digabungkan.She is a cheerful person too.And she is Farah's friend and we know each other during MTM week too.She is from Sandakan but currently live at Perlis cause her father is a policeman at Perlis.

Win and me :)
Her name is Zureen Syazwina.I called her Win.I know her from Facebook first and then become closer when eventually meet in real world.Haha.She come from Cheras Perdana,Selangor and Singapore since her mother originated from there.She is ex-KMPk and taking the same programme with me here.Database system.The simple word to describe is she is my classmate.myteamate and my partner during Lab for Digital Logic.And many people think we're roomate cause we're always together.Hihi.She is very bubbly person.Love to laugh like Farah too.Haha.

Okay,enough introduce my cutesweetladies friends.If you all notice,all of them are very cheerful and gila-gila person.I love being friend with someone happy go lucky and when it comes to study,they will take it seriously.We all have chemistry together eventho comes from different background,states and culture.I hope our friendship will last forever girls.♥
Now,about my study.So far,so good.Assignment ? Not much.That's all i can say. There are assignments but still it doesn't make me so stress like when I at Matriks. It is just when you become an university student you have to think big.Think outside the box.That's the challenge I'm facing now.I have two big project for being a 1st year student. Harvard Bussiness Case Study and 1st Year SCSD project. and I don't know where to start with. =.=" Nevermind,will figure it out in time. Hopefully.

Overall,i really love my life here.Seniors are kind.Lectures are very sporting.I hope this coming 4 years everything gonna work like I want.I can't hope for everything to be always fine and perfect.That's not what I want for life.I want challenge which I can face it with grateful heart.I want something new,new experience when I'm at new in the future,I will able to overcome new bigger challenge.Experience is the best teacher,right? ;)

Till then,guys.Will update soon :)