Friday, 20 December 2013

3rd Year. Semester I.

Hey lovelies 。◕‿◕。

Oh hai. It's been a while. Busy me. It's just today that I feel like wanna write something here. Just telling story of how busy my life as a 3rd year student in UTM.

Final week before study week. It's hurricane. Everyone is busy doing their projects, mengejar due date. and everyone also emotionally unstable. but not everyone laa. and I don't give a damn if you just emo by yourself. Just,please don't melampiaskan kemarahan,keeomo-an tu pada orang lain, TANPA SEBAB. Be matured. Everyone is in the same shoes as you. When you're about to think how UNLUCKY you are, think twice. There are lots more people out there,far apart unlucky compare to you. Even this small stress you can't handle, what do you expect when you're working later? Think carefully.

Okay, awal bicara dah marah orang. HAHA. No, I don't mean to marah orang. It is just a reminder. 

So how's 3rd year so far ? Mcm biasa, awal sem minggu pertama tu tak busy sangat. tapi lepas tu hambik kauu. kuiz,tests,assignments,.. now end of the kuliah week, lots of things to be submitted.

Kalau semuanya setel before study week kan bagus. Ni takk. Ada lecturer yang belum bagi projek. Tapi nak minta hantar masa exam week nanti. Ada yang dah bagi projek tapi lambat giler sampai nak kena bentang minggu exam juga. Nak kena review paper lagi. 

I'm not complaining. It is just that lecturer ingat kita semua ni cuma ada satu subjek je ke satu sem? Sem ni ada 6 subjek. Projek pula 5. so almost everyday kena ada progress. And it's not like kau duduk,buat terus siap. Unless you're the genius type. pelajar cemerlang. meanwhile for student yang not so cemerlang like me, it takes time. even dah siap pun ada je yang tak kena. it is driving me crazy sometimes.

Carry mark. Well. mcm biasa. tak semua lecturer dapat show carry mark before exam. And I don't expect much. I know my performance already so just improve and add the knowledge in my head during study week. Now that I'm 3rd year,my goal is just to keep safe my GPA which is 3.00 and above. To qualify me to continue Master later. Most importantly, I can grab the skills and knowledge. Not sooo much on papers and exams.

Next sem, PSM I already. I have book my supervisor. SV that have experience in developing real system. Will learn alot of things from him. Also, he offer me to do the practical at his workplace too. So I can do my PSM and my practical at the same time. Plus,his workplace is in UTM and of course I will save the cost of living by doing my practical at UTM. Some people might says that I am afraid to take up the job ioutside UTM. Well hey there, apa kau ingat di UTM bukan real job ke? sama juga. you face the same things too. for computer science students, mana-mana kau kerja, berhadapan dengan benda yang sama. sistem. sistem dan sistem. 

But I really thank God. He is the one that makes me can go through all this craziness.  :')