Saturday, 27 February 2021

Experience Sharing: Interview for Yayasan Sarawak Scholarship

Hey lovelies 。◕‿◕。

Tergerak nak share pasal Interview for Yayasan Sarawak Scholarship (YBSTAR) but mine happened back in 2018 (Oct) and recently sebab COVID-19, they conducted online interview. Nevertheless, my experience sharing might benefits you.

Once you dah submit your application, biasanya dorang akan process around one month camtu. And ada surat panggilan IV at least one week before the date of IV. So once you dah tau the date, make preparation accordingly macam sediakan dokumen sijil and so on letak kat binder file elok-elok because they will see your koQ achievement and so on.

I undergoes my IV kat hotel di KL dulu. Upon arrival, kena serahkan file dan register yourself. Jangan lupa pakai baju formal dan kemas. Light makeup will helps to make you look less pale bila kena tanya soalan HAHA.

Lepas registration, I kena masuk satu bilik. Dalam bilik adalah tempat untuk mengarang essei. But don't worry. Soalan essei dia senang je. Ada 5 soalan tapi kena pilih satu je. Basically soalan dia lebih kepada facts and your conviction. I pilih soalan yang tanya WHAT KIND OF CONTRIBUTION I WANT TO BRING TO SARAWAK bila dah graduate. I personally suka soalan ni sbb it only involved my dreams and my conviction. No one can persoalkan your answers. Masa diberikan around 30 minutes utk siapkan essei.

Lepas habis mengarang essei then boleh hantar and tunggu kt ruang menunggu bersama pelajar lain. Satu IV tu dia akan panggil 10 orang and biasanya dari bidang yang sama. Cuma different level of education. My case haritu, semua kiteorang dalam bidang education, 9 pelajar degree dari various UA and I seorang je pelajar PhD in that group.

Kiteorg dipanggil masuk dan duduk ikut nama yang dipanggil. Sebaris berhadapan dengan panel. Panel dia pula terdiri daripada big shot dari JPN Sarawak, pensyarah UNIMAS and UiTM Samarahan.

We all diminta untuk perkenalkan diri. So boleh la briefly introduce yourself, parents and siblings. Then mention you skrg tengah study pasal apa. After sesi pengenalan diri, then baru panel tanya soalan one by one kt each of us. Soalan pula lain-lain untuk setiap orang. But no worries, kebanyakan soalan dia tak melibatkan fakta. It is more to panel nak tengok your communication skills and thinking skills.

Contoh soalan yang dia tanya macam why you pursue this field? Like all of us education kan, so apa yang buatkan we all belajar bidang ni. Then dorang ada tanya strength and weakness, pasal achievement kt sekolah, pernah wakil Sarawak tak, isu semasa di Sarawak and what is your idea to overcome it..

My tips are :

1) Kalau panel tanya in BI, jawab in BI and vice versa. It is important to have both language skills masa IV sebab panel nak tengok your penguasaan in English and BM.

2) Be yourself. As in be confident. Know yourself well. You can predict and prepare jawapan before the IV based on my sharing above. Do the simulation. Bercakap depan cermin, HEHE. Relaks je. Don't be nervous. Sebab soalan tu mostly about yourself and your conviction.

3) For PG student yang ada buat research, be confident with your research. Be proud of it. And dream big. Sebab panel maybe akan tanya how does your research can contribute to Sarawak. Boleh berangan siap-siap la. >.< Even though cuma ada proposal, just imagine and be creative about it.

4) Jawab soalan dengan matang bukan dengan emosi. Basically panel cuma nak tau your maturity tahap mana especially yang degree la. Be professional. Kalau you jawab in a well manner and matured, I believe that one is a plus point for you. Overall soalan panel I wud said dorang nak tau your conviction kenapa study pasal field tu, what do plan to do next and so on.

At the end of IV, boleh la ucap thank you kat each panel.

I dapat offer YBSTAR for my PhD study but I reject sebab at the same time I dapat UTM Zamalah punya scholarship and they offer me more allowance than YBSTAR. If you all interested nak tau details dia, you can find me on Twitter @viiieeeraa

I taknak disclose info pasal ni secara public sebab takut ni matter of P&C .

So tahniah untuk yang dah dapat scholarhsip or yang dipanggil for IV tu. Just do your best. May God's favor be upon you.

Saturday, 25 May 2019

Life is like a candy.

Hey lovelies 。◕‿◕。

After so many years, I'm coming back here again.

So many things had happened for the past few years.

I graduated from my Degree of Computer Science with pointer 3.30. Yeahhhh! After that, straight away pursuing my Master in Educational Technology. Why you asked? 6 months plus having an internship as a Computer Science student taught me that CS (Computer Science) is really not my cup of tea. So am I wasting my 4 years degree? No, it is not. Pursuing my Master in Educational Technology is still using my knowledge in CS okay. In fact, it is the plus point. I get to advance a lot and faster picking up the knowledge in regard to technology compared to my classmates.HAHA. It is applying technology in education is the unfamiliar part to me. There is a lot of gaps to fill for my foundation of education indeed. Well, I hope I can share with you all more about Educational Technology in the future. It is really an interesting topic tho.

So yeah, after two years and a half I finished my Master. Yahoooo! Why 2 years and a half? That's a different story. I failed during my supposedly last semester. Again, I will share more about that in the next post *finger cross*.

Now, I'm a PhD student. Still, in the same field which is Educational Technology. Still, in Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM Skudai). Ahh, I love UTM. #IAMUTM 

I guess that's all for educational updates. How about personal life you ask?

Hmm.. a lot of things happened too. Friendship, love life (ahem) and spiritual maturity. Can't believe it's almost 5 years since I stop blogging. I promise after this there will be more update and sharing from me. Just want to use this platform sharing with people that have the same interest as me. Most probably will share a lot about skincare review and my PhD journey too. Till then, toodles~

Friday, 20 December 2013

3rd Year. Semester I.

Hey lovelies 。◕‿◕。

Oh hai. It's been a while. Busy me. It's just today that I feel like wanna write something here. Just telling story of how busy my life as a 3rd year student in UTM.

Final week before study week. It's hurricane. Everyone is busy doing their projects, mengejar due date. and everyone also emotionally unstable. but not everyone laa. and I don't give a damn if you just emo by yourself. Just,please don't melampiaskan kemarahan,keeomo-an tu pada orang lain, TANPA SEBAB. Be matured. Everyone is in the same shoes as you. When you're about to think how UNLUCKY you are, think twice. There are lots more people out there,far apart unlucky compare to you. Even this small stress you can't handle, what do you expect when you're working later? Think carefully.

Okay, awal bicara dah marah orang. HAHA. No, I don't mean to marah orang. It is just a reminder. 

So how's 3rd year so far ? Mcm biasa, awal sem minggu pertama tu tak busy sangat. tapi lepas tu hambik kauu. kuiz,tests,assignments,.. now end of the kuliah week, lots of things to be submitted.

Kalau semuanya setel before study week kan bagus. Ni takk. Ada lecturer yang belum bagi projek. Tapi nak minta hantar masa exam week nanti. Ada yang dah bagi projek tapi lambat giler sampai nak kena bentang minggu exam juga. Nak kena review paper lagi. 

I'm not complaining. It is just that lecturer ingat kita semua ni cuma ada satu subjek je ke satu sem? Sem ni ada 6 subjek. Projek pula 5. so almost everyday kena ada progress. And it's not like kau duduk,buat terus siap. Unless you're the genius type. pelajar cemerlang. meanwhile for student yang not so cemerlang like me, it takes time. even dah siap pun ada je yang tak kena. it is driving me crazy sometimes.

Carry mark. Well. mcm biasa. tak semua lecturer dapat show carry mark before exam. And I don't expect much. I know my performance already so just improve and add the knowledge in my head during study week. Now that I'm 3rd year,my goal is just to keep safe my GPA which is 3.00 and above. To qualify me to continue Master later. Most importantly, I can grab the skills and knowledge. Not sooo much on papers and exams.

Next sem, PSM I already. I have book my supervisor. SV that have experience in developing real system. Will learn alot of things from him. Also, he offer me to do the practical at his workplace too. So I can do my PSM and my practical at the same time. Plus,his workplace is in UTM and of course I will save the cost of living by doing my practical at UTM. Some people might says that I am afraid to take up the job ioutside UTM. Well hey there, apa kau ingat di UTM bukan real job ke? sama juga. you face the same things too. for computer science students, mana-mana kau kerja, berhadapan dengan benda yang sama. sistem. sistem dan sistem. 

But I really thank God. He is the one that makes me can go through all this craziness.  :')

Saturday, 25 May 2013

Recommended Drama Jepun : Seigi No Mikata/ Ally of Justice

Hey lovelies 。◕‿◕。

Kali ni nak citer tentang drama Jepun yang harus korang tengok kalau tension atau free sangat. Aku tengok drama nie malam semalam dari jam 7mlm sampai 3 pagi. Non stop! Lepas tension konon. Haha. Drama nie direkomen oleh rumet aku. And aku percaya taste rumet aku so aku pun tengoklah. Worth watching.


Seigi no Mikata (正義の味方?Ally of Justice) is a story first published by Shueisha as a manga by Hijiri Chiaki, and then made into a short-running TV drama in 2008 by Nihon Television, directed by Satoru Nakajima. The story is about a 15-year-old girl named Yoko, who is being tormented by her older sister Makiko. Only Yoko and her parents know her sister's true nature, while other people are fooled by her unbelievable good luck.

Credit to Wikipedia.

Personally aku suka drama Jepun dari drama Korea. Sebab drama Jepun pendek. Dalam 10 episod je. Tak macam drama Korea. Panjang berderet berjela tak masuk akal. Ececeh. Mengutuk tapi tengok juga. Haha. Pastu drama Jepun walaupun pendek tapi setiap satu episod ada banyak pengajaran. Same goes to this drama.

Seigi No Mikata 

Untuk senarai watak utama, pergi cara sendiri. ye. Yang pasti kakak dia nie adalah si Hongo Shiori aka Lucia dalam citer Mei Chan tu. Adik nya pula nie first time aku tengok. Comel .Hehe. Pastu lelaki eye candy dlm drama ni yang suka adik dia adalah watak utama (?) dalam Real Action Prince of Tennis. Sumber dari rumet aku. kekeke.

Citer ni pasal kakak dan adik. Kakak dia digambarkan sangat cantik dan pandai bagi orang lain tapi sangat wicked bagi adiknya. Dia punya motto adalah satu kejahatan per day. And then turn out dia punya wickedness tu akan bantu or bawa org yang jadi mangsa dia good luck. And orang ramai panggil dia Ally of Justice.Walaupun kekadang x masuk akal tapi aku suka plot twist dia. Haha. Adik dia pula selalu kena buli. Disuruh itu ini. Selalu jadi mangsa untuk kakak dia dapatkan something. Contohnya kakak dia suka ahli sumo then dia akan suruh si Youko masuk kelab Sumo. Kalau dia suka Coach Tennis, dia akan suruh adik dia pi main tennis supaya dia boleh ada alasan flirt ngan coach tu. And ada lagi la mangsa dia. Korang tnegok sendiri. Tapi masalahnya kakak dia ni more to hot and cold relationship. Kejap je dia suka seseorang tu and end up she dump then. Nampak mcm wicked kan? Tapi korang tahu apa jadi kepada orang-orang yang dia dump nie? Saksikan sendiri. Haha. Adik dia kena follow juga sebab kakak dia keep score. Suka mengungkit perkara lepas. Sampailah satu masa, kakak dia nie betul-betul suka ngan seorang laki. And si Youko lah yang kena menyiasat bagai sampai kena panggil stalker. Kakak dia jenis yang jual mahal la. Play hard to get camtu. Macam-macam yang Youko buat untuk set up dorang biar kakak dia nie boleh kahwin dengan laki tu dan tinggal ngan laki tu then Youko dapat freedom yang dia inginkan. Dah kahwin tapi still menyusahkan dia juga. Haha.Banyak perkara lucu berlaku. 

Oh ya dan si Youko ni ada blog dimana dia akan bercerita semua perkara dan kesusahan yang dia hadapi gara-gara kakak dia ni dalam blog dia nie dan end up blog dia dipublish jadi buku. Kakak di baca ke tak ? Korang tengok sendiri. Hehe.

Ni lah laki yang buat akak dia jatuh cinta tu. Comel la bagi aku. Haha.

Overall citer nie sangat best. Banyak part yang melucukan dan menggelikan hati aku. Ada pula part yang heart wrenching bagi aku then turn out jadi benda yang sangat lucu. Haha. Sampai keluar air mata aku gelak. Gosh,these drama is so damn good! Haha. And dalam setiap episod akan ada wickedness kakak dia ni turn out bawa something good pada orang lain. Sebab tu pada akhir citer nie si Youko cakap walaupun kakak dia macam jahat tapi seakan-akan ada Tuhan bersama dia. Aku belajar pasal ikatan kekeluargaan dalam cerita nie. Walaupun kakak dia sangat mean tapi sebenarnya bawa kebaikan kepada si Youko juga. Ada certain part di mana Youko mencontohi apa yang kakak dia ajar and turn out that it help her.Love it. 

Ni pula eye candy dalam citer nie. Apa yang paling kesian adalah si adik nie selalu jumpa lelaki nie secara tak sengaja di mana dia selalu ada kesusahan dan muka comot bagai gara-gara kakak dia yang jahat tu. 

Part nie sangat lawak. Haha. 

Aku sangat menggalakkan korang tengok citer nie. Sangat sangat BEST! 


 Nak tengok boleh cari kat dan dramacrazy. Aku dapat nie terus direct from my rumet. 

Ada sesapa pernah tengok tak ? Best? Meh la share pengalaman anda tengok citer nie. Hehee.

Friday, 24 May 2013

{Review:Buku} Tiga Hati - Liza Nur,Nurul Syahida,Zara Amani

Hey lovelies 。◕‿◕。

In my life,these are TWO of my favourite writers/novelist. Selain dari Sophie Kinsella.

Hlovate dan Nurul Syahida

I'll post it in another entry why I love them. Special entry ye. Hehe. Now let me review this 1st novel I have read in 2013. Yes, it's been half of the year and I only read one novel. Shame on me. Haha. Well, you can't say I'm lazy. The reason why is because I'm sibuk and also there are NO MORE quality novel there in the bookstores that can gain my interest to read it once in ONE Night.All novels have same plot.Well not all BUT mostly. Cliche. Cliche and Cliche.

But NOT this novel. 


When I know that my favourite writer/novelist which is Nurul Syahida, going to publish a new novel after been missing for almost 2 years since Valentina Nervosa, I was excited! Yeay finally another good book to read after 2 years. HAHA. Even tho this time she collaborate to write together with two novelists as mentioned above,but I don't care. As long as I get to read her novel,I'm okay with that. Sound like stalker/obses much to Nurul Syahida huh ? Haha.

Okay, price was quite expensive. This is the most expensive novel I ever have. For Malay novel la. Of course among all books/novel,Harry Potter is the most expensive.Hehe. But really lucky me! One of my friend's mom is good and kind enough to buy it for me during Popular Sale. There is about 20 or 30 percent discount so I get discount price about RM20! Yeay! Thanks Mak Fai :)

Cover was good enough. I don't really care about cover novel btw. Most important is the isi. People say Don't judge book by it cover. Yes,I do. I jugde book by writer. Haha. Coz I have experience, there was once I buy one book,the cover looks so nice and pretty and pink. Well you know me,pinkaholic. And end up I didn't able to finish reading the book. That book sucks I tell you. Really suck. Doesn't worth buying.And yeah,the lesson learnt here is don't jugde book by it cover. Haha.

Now let's move on to the 3 Hati. Basically it is about 3 different peoples or to be exact, 3 different ladies. But almost have the same stories. Lea, Wulan and Nini. Liza Nur write about Lea. Nurul Syahida write about Wulan and Nini 's written by Zara Amani. You guys can find the sinopsis of each stories at the back of the book. Macam biasa lah. No need for me to explain here. 

It start with prolog. Taking place at LRT I guess. Haha. Where these 3 ladies were in the same LRT in some time. Really interesting.It's like in the opening of movie. where there are 3 people have 3 different story. Different path in their life and then we end up came back to the same place again and we will act like "Whoa..that is what happened huh.. " Or is it just me ? Haha.

I don't know how to write proper book review btw. No formal format right? Haha. Kalau ikutkan hati,nak review pasal cerita Wulan je sebab aku baca cerita Wulan sekali harung je. Sangat menarik. Tapi mcam bias pula. Well, Liza Nur and Zara Amani need feedback too right? So I'll write one by one. Part by part of the story la ye. Mind you,this is my point of view ye. Different people have different opinions. I respect urs and you respect mine. Thank you.

Liza Nur - Lea
Cerita Lea mengisahkan dia ditinggalkan kekasih yang dah kapel selama 7 tahun masa wedding day. Kasihan sungguh. Malu satu hal. And then bermula lah pembinaan semula hidup selepas ditinggalkan masa wedding day. And go read by yourself the rest of the story ye. I don't want to spoil it. Haha.
Worth reading because I learnt a lot from Lea's life. Macam mana dia bangkit dari kisah silam but too protective toward herself. I don't have any issue with how Liza Nur present Lea story.Liza guna teknik imbas ke belakang juga. And eventually it will become present day without she mentioned it.I can understand. It is just nice. Okay lah. Not too slow not too fast. Love the way she twist the plot and relink the character with each other. I don't remember too well my favourite part in this story.Maybe because it is just plain. I mean nothing difference. Nothing significant that can make me love the part. Sorry Liza Nur. Hehe. 

Nurul Syahida - Wulan
Aku ada seorang classmate Indon bernama Wulan. Comel dan riang orangnya. Haha. Okay takde kaitan. Move on.

Wulan digambarkan sebagai gadis yang hidup dalam mode auto pilot. Maksudnya,life goes on. Macam biasa. Bangun tido,pergi keja,balik kerja,pergi tido balik. Sehingga lah dia jumpa seorang peguam yang bernama Neal. Menggelar dirinya sebagai relationship freelancer. Interesting yet? Atau nama lainnya,playboy? Taktau lah. Haha.. And hidup dia mula berubah after that. Apa yang berubah? 
Baca sendiri ye. 

As usual, Nurul Syahida is my favourite writer among all so I'm quite bias here.Haha. She and her theory of life which is uncomfortable truth for those who yang tak biasa dengan cara penulisan dia. But that is what I love about her. Obses enough? Haha. I learnt a lottttttttttt of things from this story. Apa yang menarik adalah Neal almost like Barney Stinson in HIMYM. They even have the journal. Except Barney call it the Playbook. And Neal ? Lupa sudah. But it is the same thing. Cerita Wulan dikembangkan dengan sebaiknya. Every chapter ada perkembangan and then go to klimaks and peleraian. Mcm komsas pula dah. Haha. Cik Shai (Nurul Syahida) really knows how to make her readers stay with the story till the end. 

Overall, good job Cik Shai.  Wulan story is worth reading. There are lot of parts and incidents which I love and quite significant for me. Ianya meninggalkan kesan dan impak to me. Takdelah mendalam sangat cuma setakat membuat kan aku eksited bila membaca the whole story. Lagi-lagi kes Wulan dan bosnya tu. Haha. Kes apa? Baca sendiri eh.

Zara Amani - Nini
Aku ada classmate bernama Nini di Matrikulasi dulu and we're quite close friend. And for the rest of this story,aku membayangkan muka kawan aku nie dalam cerita nie sebab nama sama lah katakan. Haha.
I never read any of Zara Amani punya novel before. So aku tak biasa sangat. What can I conclude is that Nini punya story quite slow di perkembangan. Asyik citer pasal aktiviti lasak je.Dia dan kengkwan dia pergi trekking diving la... Aku fokus at first three chapter je then tengah tu pergi langkah terus ke hujung sebab takde perkembangan sangat. Boring you know. She have to blend more at the perkembangan. Then Zara guna teknik imbas kebelakang. It's like,present day first then we go back to few years and go to present again but you won't notice. Can't differentiate. Agak keliru di situ sebab taktau timeline bila. And she didn't even mentioned when. Hehe. At the end, I found nothing interesting about Nini's life. Nothing significant. Nothing I can remember about Nini's life. But I learnt some thing here. I get to know tempat buat aktiviti lasak. Haha. And quite humorous too. Credit to Zara Amani for that.

Ending was like more to conclusion hidup mereka bertiga. Menarik juga. Tak semua akan ada happy ending k. This is not fairytale. And ada element surprise dan tergantung ? Taktaulah. Hehe.

As conclusion, cewah. I buy this novel because of Nurul Syahida je pun. Hehe. Walaupun begitu,aku bagi perhatian juga kepada another novelist story cause I'm trying to relate with the three of them. 

Worth reading guys. Especially Wulan's life.You're gonna love Cik Shai after that. Haha.Agak bias di situ. :P

I haven't read Anthem by Hlovate. Kinda busy with final exam preparation nowadays.Never ending works. Tapi kengkawan cakap best. So,I'll write the review once I finish read it ya.