About Her

First of all,i would like to say thank you so much for visiting my blog.I really appreciate it.And love you guys if you follow me because you found out that my blog and my writing is interesting and makes you feel happy when you read it.I just want my readers to have fun,relax and think with me in some issue here.And of course,I would like to share about my daily life because I know some of my friends follow my blog to know the latest of my life.We can't just tell so many stories in one time when we meet right? So,just check it out here friends.I'll share about everything as long as it is not too personal.

Okay,for those who is just know me through this new blog,my name is Valerie Bukas.To make it short,call me Avel or Viera.Proudly Christian and Iban girl from Sarawak.Currently live at Sri Aman,Sarawak.I was born on 23 August 1992 at 8.45 a.m.I loves pink and hello kitty so much and Etude House number one fan!

I just finished my studies in Physical Science at Labuan Matriculation College on 24 April 2011 and now I am a student at University Technology Malaysia (UTM) Skudai taking Bachelor in Science Computer (Database System) with Hons. 

My partime job as students,I'm doing bussiness.Felting.I makes keychains and hp straps for students at my dad's school.Sometimes I makes hairband too.It's depend on my customer order.And I'll make it as their wish.So far,all my customers were happy with my works.If you guys interested,feel free to visit my FB Page:Viera CuteShop and my blogshop.

Lastly,I'm happily commited myself into Hope JB Church. No string attach with any boy,just my love Jesus Christ :)

Okay,have a happy stop at my blog.