Thursday, 23 August 2012

Twenty Years of Wonderful Life❣

Hey lovelies 。◕‿◕。

On this very special day,Valerie Bukas was already 20 years old been in this world.I thank God for giving me such a wonderful life.I thank God for my families, thank God for my friends. Above all I thank God, I have received His call to respond for His visions on my 20th birthday. If God wills,after graduated I will starting my mission. Walk with Him for the rest of my life. Thanks Mommy and Daddy for raising me soooo well that I've become a daughter you can proud of(?). Haha. Eventho I'm not doing so well in my study,it is not because of my decision to serve the Lord but it is because I'm too depending on my strength. God dislikes that. so from now on I will depend on God strength,not on my own strength, because my God is Great God.But Mommy and Daddy,you can proud that your daughter can take care of herself well.She is the type that everyone will loves her because of her character. Haha. I noe you guys have a hard time taking care of me all this time. Not easy to take care the daughters espcially with many immoral issues nowadays and I'm sorry for making you two worried so much about me. No worries anymore now,cause as I'm getting closer to God,He will taking care of me. His grace is sufficient enough for me.

Thank you friends who know me in real life, who close with me in internet life,you guys made my day. Thanks for the wishes at FB,sms and email too. I really appreciate it. Thanks for the joys and tears you guy have gave me especially to my besties.You know who you are. Either during kindergarten, primary school,secondary school,matriculations unti UTM-mates. Love you all :)

Thank you ex boyfriends. Haha.Ex boyfriends,because of the experience I had with you all I get to know men soo well. and that is why my relationship this time last for 2 years and 2 months already. and Mr Boyfriend,thanks for always being with me. Its just that I hope one day, you will have a heart to serve the Lord too so both of us can have the same vision and fulfill His vision together,I will pray for that for sure.

I'm 20 years old now. Who expect me to grow up so well? So pretty yet cute. Kah kah kah. XD

5 years old Valerie. XD

20 years old Valerie.

Do you see any differences? I don't think not much differences laa except the fact that I am beautiful in time. Haha. I think I should back to the hairstyle during my 5 years old. Might be look young. Haha.

My Wishes:
  • Arise in Him. Serve Him.Be His living testimony.
  • Become a daughter whom my parents can proud of.
  • Become a student whom not only doing well in study but practically and have leadership also communication skills.
  • Become a very good speaker in future.
  • Have more level of confidence.
  • More Hello Kitty stuffs as birthday gifts this year. Miahahaha XD

Till then my special post for my twentieth birthday, ❤

Monday, 6 August 2012

My Current Obsession ❤

Hey lovelies 。◕‿◕。

Yes. Cho Kyuhyun is my current obsession :)
I love everything about him.

 and these guys also, SUPER JUNI-OR ~

"It doesn't matter if you're not an ELF from the start.. .

The important is you're an ELF now and you will be until the end..." ~ Choi SiWon

|An ELF since 2012|

p/s: Cuti aku dah nak berakhir dah. 16 August dah fly balik JB sebab join South Region Church Camp di Bukit Gambang Resort,Pahang. Camp bermula on 18-21 August 2012. Bertolak ke Pahang on 17 August. Ohh tak sabar. Nak jejak kaki ke negeri Pahang. Jakun la katakan. kekeke.