Friday, 26 April 2013

{ Review: Buku Sekolah Banyak Penunggu }

Hey lovelies 。◕‿◕。

Tadi check keyword yang masuk ke blog dan  terjumpalah search ada yang cari review pasal buku Sekolah Banyak Penunggu karya Nurul Syahida. My favourite writer selain dari Hlovate. 

To the one that search for this book review, here it goes.Short and simple review.What do you expect? me revealing the ending? No no no. Go read by yourself because . . . 

The book worth a read! Really ! For me laa. As expected from Nurul Syahida, she never disappoint her readers. The plot and of course the ending twist,I loiiikeee it soo much! I'm already expecting something gonna happen in the end btw.And my hunch was right!

Yes,ceritanya lain daripada yang lain.Some story feel so real. Sebab compilations citer la katakan.

Cik Shai berjaya membuatkan saya tersenyum sendirian dan tergelak berdekah-dekah dengan ayat yang bersahaja yang digunakan beliau. Ececeh. Formal giler. Haha. Serius,some part soo funny for me. Takkan saya nak gtau kan? Awak bacalah sendiri baru tau. Tak surprise la kalau bagitau.Eish.

Overall :  

Congratulations Cik Shai ! Keep up the good writing :)

Mana nak dapatkan buku ni ?
Jum ke !

p/s: Lepasni nak baca 3 Hati pula. Can't wait. Emak Cik Fai yang tolong kite belikan novel ni sebab ada potongan diskaun di Popular. teehee.

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Holy Grail Beauty Online Shop & March Haul (♥♥,)

Hey lovelies 。◕‿◕。

Etude House & Innisfree & OPI & Laneige & Tony Moly & Missha & Skin Food

Recently, or to be exact a month ago I have found my holy grail beauty online shop! How ? All thanks to MY ETUDE HOUSE facebook page. If you're beauty blogger or Etudeholic like me, you must know that Etude House released their Sweet Recipe line lately and yes I am always stalk facebook page for Etude House Malaysia for a while to get their updates when is their launching for Sweet Recipe line in Malaysia and there are some comment giving link direct me to this online shop . So I clicked it and Walaa! Dream comes true ^__^ HAHA. After all these time wandering around finding best of the best from online shop espcially the beauty online shop, I have found this online shop that fullfill my requirements. Cewahh. 

Why I Love this online shop?

1.Sell every/almost all famous Korean Cosmetics and Skincare Brand.

Ooo emmm geee I can find my favourite brand here, ETUDE HOUSE! With cheaper price compare to outlets in shopping mall.Other brands like Skinfood,Tony Moly,Holika Holika and It's Skin also have. Alot of choices,just pick whatever you want. Hee.

2.Very cheap afar from counter price.

This is seriously heaven for me! A student like me who loves beauty things,cosmetic and skincare from Korea, can get my favourite items with such a cheap price compare to their outlet in shopping mall. Ofcourse  if compare to korea price,a lot cheaper if you buy direct from korea using KRW but yeah the supplier charge for postage so I just thankful that this online shop offer reasonable price. Hehe.

3.Owner of this shop live in Johor Bahru.

Haha. I love this reason because my items can be in my hug in just one day. Yelah, we live in same city btw.

4.Buy more than 2 items can get free postage.

OOo eemmm geee~ I just love this! I always look for online shop which doesn't charge for postage/ free delivery given that their offer cheap and reasonable price and this is just RIGHT on time! Haha. Cheap price and free delivery if buy more than 2 items. It is not difficult to buy more than 2 items for me. I can buy more tho. Haha.

5. Owner is nice and kind

The owner is chinese. Our lingua franca is English. Hehe. She is nice and kind. She respond fast if I ask questions. Hihi.

6. Fast service

I'm talking about service when my items reached Malaysia. She will post as soon as possible and next day,walla I can have my items! Hehe. When talking about service from Korea,of course it takes time. What do you expect? It's Korea. Not Singapore.

My experience when buying :

I believe you all wanna know my experience when shopping at this shop. Ye ke? Haha. So after I found this online shop, I start to wandering around,browsing every pictures,reading every reviews. At that time,I was thinking of getting myself a BB Cream and some products from Sweet Recipe line that haven't launch yet in Malaysia. And I compared the price,seriously cheap I told you! My response when saw the price for Sun BB Cream ( Etude House) was like "Serius? Serius?" This shop sell Sun BB Cream for about RM50++ I think. Can't remember the exact price. But I remember it is wayyyyyyyyy moooooree cheaper than counter price,RM100++. WTH? Haha. After made my mind,I pm her. Listing all the items that I want. and I remember I'm asking her opinion about product that can heal acne scars and she suggest me some products witout hesitate. Then, I bank la after she calculated all the price. She told me that my items most probably reach Malaysia in 10-15 working days. And yes,my items reached me a month after that. Quite long yeah I know but have to be patient for the sake of cheaper price offered. Hehe. 

That is the only thing I dislike. Not hate ye. Quite long time for items to reach Malaysia. and items reached separately too. I think she order from different supplier kot. That is why some item reached Malaysia first. also you can pay half price first everytime you buy. In case some items doesn't reach/missing. Hihi. And yeah,it happened to me. My Etoinette Crystal Shine Lipstick is missing during delivery she said. So the owner asked her supplier to send it again. Hopefully can get it sooner or later. 

What I bought ?

Looks yummy kan? Sweet Recipe Chocolate Eyes

Precious Mineral Sun BB Cream

Tear Drop Eyeliner, Sweet Recipe Candy Stick, Nymph Aura Volumer in #2 and It's Skin Power Effector Vitamin C 

Free sample, yeayyy!

My face when using this product all together. kikiki

I'm an EtudeHolic ya. Almost all my skincare and cosmetic product are from Etude House. I love Etude House because their packaging are cute and so princessy. I'm so weak with cute things btw. Haha. Also,their product works well for my skin so far. Hehe. And now, buying for second times already at this shop and this time I'm paying half price first. Haha. Can't wait for my items to reach to me. Weee~

So I will review this item one by one later. Hopefully. Stay tuned :)

Disclaimer: I'm not pay to promote this shop ye. I'm just sharing the best to all of my readers. To the owner,thank you for your effort. Really grateful that I met you. Haha. Keep up the good work and offer cheap and reasonable price for shoppaholic like me. Haha.

What are you waiting for? Come,like this page and shop till you drop!

Happy Shopping!