Monday, 6 August 2012

My Current Obsession ❤

Hey lovelies 。◕‿◕。

Yes. Cho Kyuhyun is my current obsession :)
I love everything about him.

 and these guys also, SUPER JUNI-OR ~

"It doesn't matter if you're not an ELF from the start.. .

The important is you're an ELF now and you will be until the end..." ~ Choi SiWon

|An ELF since 2012|

p/s: Cuti aku dah nak berakhir dah. 16 August dah fly balik JB sebab join South Region Church Camp di Bukit Gambang Resort,Pahang. Camp bermula on 18-21 August 2012. Bertolak ke Pahang on 17 August. Ohh tak sabar. Nak jejak kaki ke negeri Pahang. Jakun la katakan. kekeke. 

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