Monday, 5 December 2011

Survey.Project TIS

Hai everyone!

It's been a long time huh? I dunnoe what to post here lately.Many things happened yet I rather keep it in myself.Haha.No privacy la kalau semua citer kat blog <---mcmlah ada org mau tau kan? haha.

Macam biasa,sibuk.Mengalahkan lebah. bzzz sana,bzzz sini.

Hmm,tak nak cakap panjang lebar.Currently I'm doing a research or project for one of our subject in this semester that is Technology and Information System.We're doing research about why computing career is not popular in our country,Malaysia.Espcially between Database System and Software Engineering course.Since I'm also doing minor and supporting topic which is Negative Perception on Computing Career among our comunity,I've prepared the survey questions.Hope you guys can cooperate with me by helping me answer it.Kejap je.Hehe.So,here's the link :


Also,feel free to visit my blog for this project.

You guys won't feel regret by visiting that blog.There will be a lots of information about computer science world.It is based on our experience.My experience as a computer science student di mana selalu disalahtafsir masyarakat sebagai student yang bodoh je ambil course sains komputer.And I think now is the time for us 1-SCSD UTM change their thoughts by presenting and comes up with our own solutions.

I'm sorry for the incovenience,since that blog is still under construction till I'm writing this entry.I have no time to edit it.Hehe.Coming soon,I'll start to update it with my analysis,my findings and my video's interview with my senior.

Thanks for your support guys! ^___^


Herda_Husna said...

jgn letak video i yg comel tuuu~ =.= HAHAHAHA

Viera said...

sbb comel la kna letak kak.ngee ^_^