Tuesday, 1 January 2013

2kThirteen. εїз

Hey lovelies 。◕‿◕。

We are in the year 2013. Whoaa. At first,I think 2013 gonna be the year where we all use flying vehicles already. Just like in fiction science story books. Haha. But nahh, still using land transport to move,mainly. Neway, New Year celebration? Too mainstream. I slept at 8.00 pm last nite too tired because of many last minute projects to be submit this week. Huu. And last project to be submit are COA and HCI report. Report was like halfway done. I think I am doing my PSM already. Huu ~

My mom even call me at midnite but sorry mom, I slept already. Haha. Never in my mind that my mom gonna give me a new year call. Haha. 

Okay, so I was save from apocalypse yang digembar gemburkan NASA dan kalendar Mayan. But seriusly, nobody knows the real date for  end of the world. I believe there is gonna be end of the world. But not now I think. Apapun, keep seeking God and serve Him. :)

My 2012 was awesome. Many things happened more than I could imagine.Such an abundance year from God. Later, I''ll make an official entry about that if I rajin la. Kekeke.

2013 going to be better. HE have such a wonderful plan for me. I know that and I believe it. So have to prepare myself during semester breaks.Have to breakthrough in many areas. Lord, prepare the way and guide me. 

I look back my journey with God in this 2012 and realized that God had been in control and He still is, right now and times to come as long as I set my eyes on Him. So, my new year resolution is simple. Jesus be the center of my 2013, and the years to come. For I know I will have everything if I have You. ♥

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