Monday, 4 March 2013

Army Conflicts at Lahad Datu,Sabah. #Pray4Sabah

Hey lovelies 。◕‿◕。

Sulu = Sayang dalam bahasa Iban Sarawak. Jadi kenapa Sultan Sulu tak penyayang seperti yang dimaksudkan dalam namanya ? Sampai mengerahkan army nya untuk menyerang di Semporna. Mengakibatkan ramai perajurit negara terkorban. Takziah untuk keluarga perajurit. Be strong.

For me who doesn't have so call authority, I can only pray for people who involved with these army conflicts in Lahad Datu. Those who have authority should make a move too b4 things getting worse. Doa,yes doa juga. Tapi pihak berkuasa harus ambil tindakan.Rakyat didahulukan rite? Saya sayang Malaysia :')

Thing that I'm afraid the most is finally happened. My cousin was call on duty to Lahad Datu this morning to join the army force as he is a comando in ATM. C Kull Mauricio please be safe. Take care of yourself.Remember your family is waiting for you to return safely.Do your best to protect the country too. We will pray for your safety here. O God of Mercy, we beg You now to protect in a special way those who are fighting for us and for the country we love. Bless them and take care of them. If they are tired, give them strength. If they are wounded and suffering, give them comfort. If they are lonely, touch them with Your gentle hand and let them know that You are near them. Grant them strength, wisdom and help through Your power and Your limitless love. Amen. :') 

 I love Malaysia. To be honest, Malaysia won't be the same without Sabah. All I can do is pray,pray and pray. Moga kasih Tuhan menjadi pelindung para perajurit negara di Semporna sepanjang konflik ini. Tuhan menyertai anda semua :')

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