Saturday, 14 January 2012

Exam Over. Yeah!

Hye everyone :)

So,I am Valerie Bukas hereby to say that I'm very glad and thankful to God cause my exam is over.Although feeling not soooo good in my programming and digital logic,I hope there will be miracle or pity marks for me.Haha.Don't wanna do the post mortem.Past is past.I'm targeting there are gonna be two subjects got A'.Amin.and the rest 4 subject,let's hope I got C+ and above.

Okay,exam over.It's crafting time.I open my cuteshop again and please don't hesitate to order.I'm going to finish the order from my UTM-friends,cousin and items to be sell when I'm back from holiday.There will be new items in my shop that is handmade handphone charm and external disk casing.I hope it turns out cute cause it's been a long time since I'm not crafting.Can't wait! Ngee~

Happy holidays and see ya next sem!

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