Wednesday, 5 December 2012


Hey lovelies 。◕‿◕。

This evening my mom texted me,saying that my cutest little sis being admitted to Hospital Sri Aman. God,what's happening? I'm so nervous when hearing the word Hospital itself. Have a bad experience with hospital few years back. Then she call me. Told me that my lil sis left leg have been infected with some kind of penyakit kulit. Not HFMD for sure. She got it this sunday,condition getting worst by yesterday then my mom took her to hospital and being admitted to hospital by then. Being injected about ten times cause nurses can't find her vein, she is still small walaupun chubby but it hurts for me to hear that. not knowing anything yet she said " enda pedis" which mean tak sakit. Lil sis, you're so strong :') 

Lord,with faith I pray for your healing. Don't make something bad happened to her oh Lord. Cast away all the pains and may this experience can bring back my family to you oh Lord. I know You make something happened for reasons and please, have it your way oh Lord. Just heal my little sister so that she can walk,run actively like before.You know how much I love her.Amin amin amin !

I miss her right now. Be strong dear lil sis !
I wish I could beside her with mom to take care of her too.  T________T
Lord,protect my family. . .

Get well soon,Clarissa Lunca <3

can't see my laptop screen clearly with teary eyes.

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