Friday, 10 May 2013

Jom Shopping Online: Princess Beauty Shop

Hey lovelies 。◕‿◕。
                   Princess Beauty Shop

So i have found my other favourite online shop. Based on facebook too. It is my second favourite! yeay! Why second? Because the owner come from Sabah,Sandakan. Which cause the postage fees more expensive and also their product price is slightly higher than my MOST favourite online shop which I shared with you all before. That is why this shop fall on second. 

Just because of the postage fees okay. Hehe. Now let me share with you my experience when buying from this online shop. It start around March ago. I was jumping page in the facebook and found this shop,baru buka tahun nie and they sell Etude House Travelling Bag!! Gosh I have been looking for this travelling bag for ages! You know last year when Etude House have sales for Christmas, they give this bag for free if you purchase RM300!! And I was like what ??? But still I can't resist the cuteness of this bag and I made up my mind to purchase whatever it takes to get the bag. Ya,ya,ya. I know. I'm Etudeholic btw. Haha. But later,I tak sempat nak join the promotion pun. I was late when I went to shopping at Etude House last year and so bye bye Etude House travelling bag.My dream was crushed just like that. Huwaaa. And I end up shopping at Etude House for promotion buy One Free One which I could said the most worthy and valuable purchase of all. Muahahaha.

Until I found this online shop and saw they sell the travelling bag! Gosh I don't think too much. I just PM them on the spot. Then I notice they also sell Kiss Note Notebook and Etoinette Princess Pouch at such and quite cheap price laa excluding postage. I ingat nak beli but then macam tak perlu je. Haha. And I cancel my order. Just stick to travelling bag je laa. After bayar bank in, dalam masa dua minggu bag I dah sampai kat owner shop and dia PM I gtau dah sampai dan akan dipos. And in 3 days,bag I dah sampai di UTM. Wehuu~~ 

Mari menjamu mata melihat lebih dekat bag nie !

Pengalaman aku guna bag nie adalah untuk seharian bermalam. Yes,for a girl like me yang banyak benda nak dibawa,beg nie adalah untuk one night only. Haha. Sebabnya,size dia not so practical. Ada bersegi-segi if you get what I mean. Saiz dia tak oblong or segi empat panjang macam other travelling bag. It is more to trapezium shape. Hehe. So I recommend this bag for one night stay only. Unless you're type of girl yang simple and not complicated like me.Haha.

 Free samples yeay! I love samples!

 Uri JYJ oppas~~ 

Bussiness card and calendar in ONE. Brilliant!

Overall,i love shopping from this shop. The service was superb. The owner is pemurah and nice you know. I just bought bag and doesn't expect to get free samples from her.Haha. Price is reasonable and of course for me as a student I would love it to be more cheaper. Yela nak jimat duit la katakan. But I know,kalau beli dari Korea secara online memang murah cuma shipping nya lah yang mahal. Hehe. Nanti ada sorang kawan aku nak gi Korea with her family so I start to list down product yang aku nak pesan kat dia sebab way morrreeee cheaper compared to price in Malaysia. Haha.

So for those who is interested, come click on the link above and shop till you drop! XD

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