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{Review:Buku} Tiga Hati - Liza Nur,Nurul Syahida,Zara Amani

Hey lovelies 。◕‿◕。

In my life,these are TWO of my favourite writers/novelist. Selain dari Sophie Kinsella.

Hlovate dan Nurul Syahida

I'll post it in another entry why I love them. Special entry ye. Hehe. Now let me review this 1st novel I have read in 2013. Yes, it's been half of the year and I only read one novel. Shame on me. Haha. Well, you can't say I'm lazy. The reason why is because I'm sibuk and also there are NO MORE quality novel there in the bookstores that can gain my interest to read it once in ONE Night.All novels have same plot.Well not all BUT mostly. Cliche. Cliche and Cliche.

But NOT this novel. 


When I know that my favourite writer/novelist which is Nurul Syahida, going to publish a new novel after been missing for almost 2 years since Valentina Nervosa, I was excited! Yeay finally another good book to read after 2 years. HAHA. Even tho this time she collaborate to write together with two novelists as mentioned above,but I don't care. As long as I get to read her novel,I'm okay with that. Sound like stalker/obses much to Nurul Syahida huh ? Haha.

Okay, price was quite expensive. This is the most expensive novel I ever have. For Malay novel la. Of course among all books/novel,Harry Potter is the most expensive.Hehe. But really lucky me! One of my friend's mom is good and kind enough to buy it for me during Popular Sale. There is about 20 or 30 percent discount so I get discount price about RM20! Yeay! Thanks Mak Fai :)

Cover was good enough. I don't really care about cover novel btw. Most important is the isi. People say Don't judge book by it cover. Yes,I do. I jugde book by writer. Haha. Coz I have experience, there was once I buy one book,the cover looks so nice and pretty and pink. Well you know me,pinkaholic. And end up I didn't able to finish reading the book. That book sucks I tell you. Really suck. Doesn't worth buying.And yeah,the lesson learnt here is don't jugde book by it cover. Haha.

Now let's move on to the 3 Hati. Basically it is about 3 different peoples or to be exact, 3 different ladies. But almost have the same stories. Lea, Wulan and Nini. Liza Nur write about Lea. Nurul Syahida write about Wulan and Nini 's written by Zara Amani. You guys can find the sinopsis of each stories at the back of the book. Macam biasa lah. No need for me to explain here. 

It start with prolog. Taking place at LRT I guess. Haha. Where these 3 ladies were in the same LRT in some time. Really interesting.It's like in the opening of movie. where there are 3 people have 3 different story. Different path in their life and then we end up came back to the same place again and we will act like "Whoa..that is what happened huh.. " Or is it just me ? Haha.

I don't know how to write proper book review btw. No formal format right? Haha. Kalau ikutkan hati,nak review pasal cerita Wulan je sebab aku baca cerita Wulan sekali harung je. Sangat menarik. Tapi mcam bias pula. Well, Liza Nur and Zara Amani need feedback too right? So I'll write one by one. Part by part of the story la ye. Mind you,this is my point of view ye. Different people have different opinions. I respect urs and you respect mine. Thank you.

Liza Nur - Lea
Cerita Lea mengisahkan dia ditinggalkan kekasih yang dah kapel selama 7 tahun masa wedding day. Kasihan sungguh. Malu satu hal. And then bermula lah pembinaan semula hidup selepas ditinggalkan masa wedding day. And go read by yourself the rest of the story ye. I don't want to spoil it. Haha.
Worth reading because I learnt a lot from Lea's life. Macam mana dia bangkit dari kisah silam but too protective toward herself. I don't have any issue with how Liza Nur present Lea story.Liza guna teknik imbas ke belakang juga. And eventually it will become present day without she mentioned it.I can understand. It is just nice. Okay lah. Not too slow not too fast. Love the way she twist the plot and relink the character with each other. I don't remember too well my favourite part in this story.Maybe because it is just plain. I mean nothing difference. Nothing significant that can make me love the part. Sorry Liza Nur. Hehe. 

Nurul Syahida - Wulan
Aku ada seorang classmate Indon bernama Wulan. Comel dan riang orangnya. Haha. Okay takde kaitan. Move on.

Wulan digambarkan sebagai gadis yang hidup dalam mode auto pilot. Maksudnya,life goes on. Macam biasa. Bangun tido,pergi keja,balik kerja,pergi tido balik. Sehingga lah dia jumpa seorang peguam yang bernama Neal. Menggelar dirinya sebagai relationship freelancer. Interesting yet? Atau nama lainnya,playboy? Taktau lah. Haha.. And hidup dia mula berubah after that. Apa yang berubah? 
Baca sendiri ye. 

As usual, Nurul Syahida is my favourite writer among all so I'm quite bias here.Haha. She and her theory of life which is uncomfortable truth for those who yang tak biasa dengan cara penulisan dia. But that is what I love about her. Obses enough? Haha. I learnt a lottttttttttt of things from this story. Apa yang menarik adalah Neal almost like Barney Stinson in HIMYM. They even have the journal. Except Barney call it the Playbook. And Neal ? Lupa sudah. But it is the same thing. Cerita Wulan dikembangkan dengan sebaiknya. Every chapter ada perkembangan and then go to klimaks and peleraian. Mcm komsas pula dah. Haha. Cik Shai (Nurul Syahida) really knows how to make her readers stay with the story till the end. 

Overall, good job Cik Shai.  Wulan story is worth reading. There are lot of parts and incidents which I love and quite significant for me. Ianya meninggalkan kesan dan impak to me. Takdelah mendalam sangat cuma setakat membuat kan aku eksited bila membaca the whole story. Lagi-lagi kes Wulan dan bosnya tu. Haha. Kes apa? Baca sendiri eh.

Zara Amani - Nini
Aku ada classmate bernama Nini di Matrikulasi dulu and we're quite close friend. And for the rest of this story,aku membayangkan muka kawan aku nie dalam cerita nie sebab nama sama lah katakan. Haha.
I never read any of Zara Amani punya novel before. So aku tak biasa sangat. What can I conclude is that Nini punya story quite slow di perkembangan. Asyik citer pasal aktiviti lasak je.Dia dan kengkwan dia pergi trekking diving la... Aku fokus at first three chapter je then tengah tu pergi langkah terus ke hujung sebab takde perkembangan sangat. Boring you know. She have to blend more at the perkembangan. Then Zara guna teknik imbas kebelakang. It's like,present day first then we go back to few years and go to present again but you won't notice. Can't differentiate. Agak keliru di situ sebab taktau timeline bila. And she didn't even mentioned when. Hehe. At the end, I found nothing interesting about Nini's life. Nothing significant. Nothing I can remember about Nini's life. But I learnt some thing here. I get to know tempat buat aktiviti lasak. Haha. And quite humorous too. Credit to Zara Amani for that.

Ending was like more to conclusion hidup mereka bertiga. Menarik juga. Tak semua akan ada happy ending k. This is not fairytale. And ada element surprise dan tergantung ? Taktaulah. Hehe.

As conclusion, cewah. I buy this novel because of Nurul Syahida je pun. Hehe. Walaupun begitu,aku bagi perhatian juga kepada another novelist story cause I'm trying to relate with the three of them. 

Worth reading guys. Especially Wulan's life.You're gonna love Cik Shai after that. Haha.Agak bias di situ. :P

I haven't read Anthem by Hlovate. Kinda busy with final exam preparation nowadays.Never ending works. Tapi kengkawan cakap best. So,I'll write the review once I finish read it ya.

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