Friday, 8 July 2011

⇨Launching LadyViera

Hai everyone!
It's time to launch my new blog.
Lady Viera.Not Lady Bug okay. :P
Just get annoy with my old blog.And came up with this idea,creating the new one.
I promise you I will keep updating and sharing news and info to all of you.
Thnks for reading :)


Mya Shukor said...


u punya blog nampak lebih "dewasa" lah. Matang. I likeeee! Lady boss :D

Viera said...

u nie yang tak habis-habis ngn lady boss tu.miahaha..
apapun,thun nie last kn umur belas-belas nie,.so sbb tu guna lady skrg.not a girl anymore :P
and kau dh follow ke nie?
ada tu button follow mybe belum hbis loading.hee~